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It’s that time of the year.

Everything inside your home turns red and green.

Time to reuse those old Christmas wreaths.

If you’re like me, you start pulling out the endless tubs of Christmas décor. Opening up each Christmas tub is like opening a treasure box full of forgotten things. I will never forget my first married Christmas. It was also my first Christmas to decorate my own home, however, I wanted might I add! I was so excited! It was about half way through digging through all my Christmas décor that my husband pointed out that I was very excitingly saying, “Oh Yea” every two minutes. It is always fun finding the things you forgot you bought on sale the day after Christmas and saved for the next year! I never know what I will find.

I remember getting to my container full of wreaths and pulling out by childhood wreath in all its fake blue poinsettia and old school snowflake ribbon glory. While I have very fond memories of that hanging on my door as a kid I knew it needed some updating. This year instead of trying to add all the glitz and glamor I could to my wreaths I decided to play with what hung around them add the dramatic flair that was needed.

This season there is a definite tribute to the natural beauty of nature. We are adding less to Christmas trees and often going too far as to leave them bare in decorating this season. That natural look inspired me to keep it simple like seen here in my guest room.

I always want this room to be relaxing and inviting. So, I thought less was more in this space. I was able to highlight the natural beauty of the wreath with an old window I had laying around in my garage. While it is simple there is no lack in a statement with this combo.

In my entry way, I wanted the first thing people see to be remembered. So, I used some slight sparkle on the wreath, using lights and green tones, but choose to hang it with in an old picture frame. Then I added a bit of whimsy by layering the ice skates my husband gifted me last Christmas.

I love getting to reuse things in new ways. The wreath that I loved as a kid can still brighten my Christmas but I got to leave my fake blue Poinsettias from 1999 in the Christmas bin. I just love the way these two turned out. Think twice about donating that old wreath you have from the decades past and instead give it some new life!

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