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Decorating Ideas

Today I worked on tackling the staging of one of my refinished furniture pieces for my trunk show. The piece itself if a good starting point with its great lines and cute detail adding a little fun to the table. I then started with adding much-needed height. The lamp I stole from another room of the house added the height and the task lighting needed in this space. I then offset that height with this candelabra which is one of my favorite antique store finds. I found two identical in an antique store but they had these awful tassels on them. I just removed the tassels and now love using these in all kinds of ways across the house. Earlier this year I had one on each side of the entry table creating the balance that the lamp does now. It works to use two of the same thing on either end like I did with the candelabras before or using different items like shown here. Feel free to mix it up. This candelabra is a unique addition that adds a lot of style to the design of this table.

Next, I added the set of classic books. I used a grouping of 3 on their side on the top and added the rest to balance out the piece on the bottom shelf to the opposite side of the top grouping. Then I added the suitcases to add a great vintage touch. I love mixing old antiques with new décor. You see that play out in the design of every room of my house. I needed a perfect place for these suite cases and they look wonderful here. They are also a great place to hid things that need to be stored but in an unpredictable way. (It can be a great place to hid the chocolate from your kids or in my case my husband!)

I always think that a good lantern adds tons of charm and this one is no different. Its shape mixes up all the rectangles in the design so far. With the candelabra, I added 4 other items of differing shapes, heights and textures to finish it off. Make sure to mix up the textures that are being used in a space. I also used 5 things grouped here because odd groupings are always appealing to the eye.

One of my favorite combinations is this cactus growing in an old Folders Coffee tin. I always love incorporating live plants and flowers when possible. They always add great color and texture. Following that, to soften the straight lines and dark finish of the bottom shelf books I added two fun shaped decor items. Then to finish off the look the wood carved art was hung on the wall. It repeats the navy of the books and the white of the table to tie everything together.

When decorating a console table keep in mind to add height, use repeating colors and designs, use odd groupings and keep things balanced with color and height. I really like the way this grouping turned out. Now it is time to move on to another piece I just refinished and get it staged for the Trunk show April 7-9th. I can’t wait!

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